Klimt Exhibition 2008

These are exhibits from an exhibition Tamara and I went to in 2008. I recall going but I don’t recall where it was.

I don’t recall the date, but these images were in the Uploads folder of another of my sites and they were in a folder from July 2008, so that must be when we saw the exhibition.

I recall that Klimt was the lynchpin in a group of artists who had a mission to work in all mediums and break boundaries. I remember thinking that the furniture didn’t look like a ‘boundary breaker’.

I also remember being impressed by the portrait, and I still am.

I only knew Klimt from paintings like The Kiss. And while it was good, the technique in the portrait is technically that much more sophisticated. Which is not to say it is more artistic – that’s another story.

What Can Happen In Six Years

In 1872, Susan B Anthony was convicted and fined for attempting to vote in her hometown of Rochester, New York.

In 1878, Anthony and her colleague Elizabeth Cady Stanton had an amendment put before Congress giving women the right to vote. It became the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920.