Steven Jones On Image Optimisation

I saw Steven Jones give this talk at Edinburgh WordCamp last year and I found the link to the article that he subsequently put up on his site at StompTheWeb

It’s what he calls the ultimate guide to image optimisation with WordPress.

It’s detailed and authoritative – and it’s a live post, meaning that he says that will update it when more information comes his way.

And here is the video of him giving the talk at WordCamp:

Sensitive Skin

Neat title and nicely played. I recognise Kim Cattrall from Sex In The City. She’s gutsy playing against glamour. I see it is a Canadian Series. And it’s from a British series originally.

Is it more easily translatable because it is Canadian rather than American?

What is her husban’s accent? He sound foreign. Is that his real accent or just for the part? He’s good too – steering well and avoiding being unreal.

There was a good bit of slapstick in the scene with the uncomfortable chair she bought.