Several years ago I bought a lifetime subscription to a bookmarking service named Pinboard that has since moved to an annual subscription. Whether lifetime or annual, it doesn’t offer a service of being able to read the bookmarks in a comfortable, readable way – like for example, a service like Feedly does.

On a different but related tack, and as you may know, Instapaper has become a free service. And with a ‘Save to Instapaper’ bookmarklet in my browser, I can save with one click.

As a side note, one neat thing you can do with bookmarks saved to Instapaper is to have them copied automatically to Pinboard. As to why one should want to do it – well with a paid service like Pinboard, the chances of it disappearing on me are less likely. Not so with Instapaper. As a free service it could just end, on the principle that what is free can be taken away. Hopefully not, though.

Along came ReadKit for Mac. I bought it from the AppStore ($9.99) and now I can read the content of my Pinboard and Instapaper bookmarks in a beautifully set out desktop app that has made bookmarking worth doing in the first place.

There Are In Cambridge

There are, according to the taxi driver we spoke to a few days ago, 120,000 normal (as in, not students at the university) residents and about 50,000 students living in Cambridge.

There are more cars than can comfortably use the roads: Ask any local motorist what they think of the traffic into and out of Cambridge.

We have just moved here and I find myself repeatedly writing Cambrdige and swapping the d and the i when I write Cambridge. I wonder why?

I have only had this problem with one other name and that is with Jerusalem. When I type quickly, I find that I write Jeruslaem. I wonder why?