Deutschland 83

I have been watching this – not following it episode by episode – but watching it when it is on.

And really enjoying the lead character. He makes it seem believable.

Best thing on TV at the moment.

If you haven’t been watching it – it’s set in Soviet era Germany. The lead character is an East German who is ‘substituted’ for a West German army officer (they bump off the real officer) and the East German beds himself in as a liaison officer for a high-ranking officer attached to NATO.

The strength of the series is in the nuanced playing by the lead character. He is young – seems almost innocent. He wheedles himself into situations with his disarming charm while being required to be predatory and ruthless.

What more can one ask of a spy series?

First Post

This has got to be the quickest I have ever had a WordPress site set up and styled. Not that I ‘did’ it – no database creation and didn’t even use a script. It was all done by ThisIsTap.

Set pemalinks to /%postname%/ and set comments to moderated; changed the default TwentySixteen theme to Make from The Theme Foundry, styled the colours and font sizes – and that’s it.

Should I install plugins? Those would be:

    Optimise database and delete revisions
    Limit Login Attempts