What To Do Next

It will be a Tuesday: When that will be I cannot say.

Or it might be a Thursday.

It will be an ordinary day until 11am. Then he (or she) will be unable to sit at his (or her) desk and will find himself or herself walking towards the open air.

When he (or she) gets to the street he (or she) will be surprised to find lots of people standing in the street, on the pavements, in the road, looking like he (or she) is looking – at the buildings and then at each other.

He (or she) knew he could not continue with things the way they were. Now he (or she) wonders whether there is anyone who has a clue as to what to do next.

He (or she) is trembling and happy. Today is different.

2 Replies to “What To Do Next”

  1. It’s been some time since you wrote this. Did you ever find out … ?


  2. Ah that is so sad. I said once that life is big and people make it small.

    And I see people who lead lives they think are unsatisfactory and that they seem to impose upon themselves.

    Yesterday, Tamara and I were lamenting the idiots who rammed into the crowd in Barcelona and how they had turned their own lives into such a narrow, hate-filled experience. What a waste of living life. And then they impose their idiocy on other innocent people.

    There is a phrase that has crept into news reports of this kind of tragedy. The reports talk of victims with ‘life-changing’ injuries. I dislike the way the phrase has taken on a charm of its own, to be trotted out every time something bad happens. I know it is true and that some of the victims have suffered in this way, but the phrase has somehow grown larger than the victims themselves.

    And that is part of what I meant – that the ‘game show’ doesn’t value the participants. It uses them.

    So, no answer and I don’t know what happens for the human race.


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