Sensitive Skin

Neat title and nicely played. I recognise Kim Cattrall from Sex In The City. She’s gutsy playing against glamour. I see it is a Canadian Series. And it’s from a British series originally.

Is it more easily translatable because it is Canadian rather than American?

What is her husban’s accent? He sound foreign. Is that his real accent or just for the part? He’s good too – steering well and avoiding being unreal.

There was a good bit of slapstick in the scene with the uncomfortable chair she bought.

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  1. We don’t have that show here. Wouldn’t know if it’s easier translatable, but when it comes to spelling Canadian and British English are more similar than Am.

    Just set up my tap blog 🙂

    1. Hmmm, to answer your question – I didn’t get a notification of this comment. That’s a good point. I have the notification settings in ‘Discussion’ set up to notify, so I will mention it to the web host. I just left a comment on your blog at Tassitly (cute name by the way) and it recognised me as a person and the comment was approved straight away – didn’t need to be moderated. I wonder how you set it up that did that so that it recognised a commenter – or have you set all comments up to be approved automatically?

  2. I am surprised you don’t have the show. Maybe it passed already – Tamara said she recalls seeing some of these episodes about 18 months ago.

          1. I like it but I just haven’t got it installed here. I like the contact form built into Jetpack, as well as Markdown, custom css, Protect, and the sharing icons. I wish Photon could clear the cache and then I would use that as the CDN.

    1. Not yet. I set up the one so that Tamara and I could communicate privately – but we haven’t got around to testing it out yet.

      What are you thinking? An idea you have?

    1. Good idea. If you have a spare email address you could set up another free subdomain to test it out and not have to change tassitly 🙂

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