Product Hunt

I signed up to Product Hunt to, as it says, ‘Find your next favourite thing…’

A word of warning – it’s addictive. Weighing up the value of just one of the apps can suck time like a vacuum cleaner.

Here’s a simple tool: Type Anything. It’s a browser-based tool that enables you to create font combinations – font families, letter spacing, and font weights. Once you have designed the text to your liking, there is a button to grab and copy the code into your own site.

3 Replies to “Product Hunt”

  1. Yeah, now I’ve signed up too. One easily gets lost in there, checking out stuff.


    1. Ah, I forgot about that post about Product Hunt. I learned something from making a mistake when I wrote it.

      I forgot to add a title and when I published it, it immediately sent out the Postmatic link but the slug for the post is /73-2/.

      I went back and changed the title in the article but not the URL slug.

      If I change the slug, it will probably destroy the Postmatic link.

      Must remember never to post anything without a title.


    2. So now I changed the slug to /product-hunt and I wonder whether Postmatic will still finds its way through?


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