China Is The Biggest Polluter

Reported in the 15 May 2021 edition of THE WEEK China is emitting more greenhouse gases than all the developed nations combined, according to a new report by the US-based Rhodium Group. It found that China emitted 27% of the world’s greenhouse gases in 2019. The US was the second-largest emitter at 11%, while India …

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Tracking the spread of Coronavirus – Sewage monitoring

Report by Linda Geddes in the 20th May 2021 edition of The Guardian Wastewater monitoring is being used to identify cases of the India variant and track its spread, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, has said. Although coronavirus predominantly infects cells lining the respiratory tract, it is also shed in the faeces of some infected …

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Crypto Gridlock

Yahoo Finance reported this today. “The Iranian government ramped up pressure, enlisting intelligence officers in a bid to crack down on illegal cryptocurrency miners as the country’s power grid struggles to handle rising electricity consumption. Isn’t that amazing?

The Republic of Ireland

Perhaps because it is on my doorstep, so to speak, but I did not quite know how the country came to be. From The Week: On 3 May 1921, the Government of Ireland Act 1920 came into effect. Passed by the British PM David Lloyd George’s coalition government, it created Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland: …

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The Filters Through Which We See

Negativity piles on negativity until people cannot see anything through their own eyes but only through the filters of that negativity. Lots of people do things that are less than praiseworthy, and we should strive to recognise that even important people can be swept along by the mood of the times. We are all blind …

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Margin Call

It all starts with borrowed money. If people only risked their own money then margin calls would not exist. When the investor borrows money to invest and the investment falls in value, then the lender’s loan is at risk and the lender acts to protect it. A margin is the amount of liquid assets (cash) …

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