Lost In A Book

He lost himself in a book
an interesting story about an amnesiac
He was captivated by the story
And forgot he was there, in the margin.

So he thought.

He thought he was at work
stacking shelves
proving right those who said he would
Never amount to much

The assistant manager gave him the book
to broaden himself because he showed promise

He was in aisle seven, so he thought
near the baked goods
thinking about his schooldays,
remembering he had been told to avoid adverbs
when he was writing
but he only half-recalled the rule and took it too far
and avoided adverbs when he was reading as well.

And so they found him in aisle eight
slack eyed on the floor
a bag of flour in one hand
a book, open on page two,
and he, trapped in the margin next to ‘slowly’.

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