I Started A Ghost Blog

I started a Ghost blog as an experiment because I wanted to see what I thought of being able to see the front-end finished page as I wrote. I didn’t expect much, but I find to my surprise that I like it a lot.

I could have started the blog on Ghost’s own servers, but the cost is quite high ($19/month) for the cheapest option blog that is half serious and half an experiment.

Running a site on Ghost’s servers gets you one site, 25,000 page-views per month, unlimited transfer and storage, Automatic updates and backups, Upload any theme or app, Worldwide CDN & security protection, and SSL Support.

So if you have a high-traffic site that is built around text, then it might be a solution for someone.

There are other ways to get a site up and running. You can download the source code and run it on a VPN. It is unlikely you could run it on most shared servers because of the way Ghost is built.

If I had the skills and energy to do it, I could start one on Digital Ocean for a very small monthly cost. But in the end I took the easy and cheap option – ยฃ29.00/year for a blog on TSOHost.

Here’s the link: Marginal Seat and here is a link to the About page where I talk about the experience of writing with Ghost.

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  1. It feels as if I’ve been away from all this web stuff for ages. I remember Ghost. I downloaded the software, and tried to install it (somewhere, I forget where). Never succeeded and gave up.

    At the time, I was enthusiastic, as usual … was going to learn MarkUp, not just the _italics_ and *bold*. Got so irked when I wasn’t able to install it, so I let go of the whole idea.

    I’ve read your About page now. I could probably have liked it too, but there was also the part about commenting … or lack thereof .

    Will do something with my hernibs.com instead … for now ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. There is a way to integrate Disqus for commenting. I may take a look into that.


      1. I remember that now. What I _can’t_ remember is where I installed it … or tried to install.

        The only thing about that Ghost story I recall is I ended up asking myself ยซWhy am I putting myself through all this?ยป ๐Ÿ™‚ I did not pay.


        1. I asked on my cPanel shared hosting package whether they had node.js installed. If they had then I would have had a go at installing Ghost. They didn’t and I didn’t want to try the other option via Digital Ocean or some other VPS because I wasn’t sure how to make the site secure. That’s what decided me to go with TSOHost. They do all the setup and security in the background.


          1. I’m thinking now, maybe GoDaddy had the node.js …

            On a totally unrelated note; when you can find the time … would you, please, go and read my latest post on http://hernibs.com ?!


            1. I subscribed to hernibs ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. About Markdown, there’s a reference sheet built into Ghost. You just click the link at the bottom of the page and a cheat sheet pops up as an overlay.

    I gave used Markdown with WordPress using the built-in Markdown module in Jetpack.


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