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This has got to be the quickest I have ever had a WordPress site set up and styled. Not that I ‘did’ it – no database creation and didn’t even use a script. It was all done by ThisIsTap.

Set pemalinks to /%postname%/ and set comments to moderated; changed the default TwentySixteen theme to Make from The Theme Foundry, styled the colours and font sizes – and that’s it.

Should I install plugins? Those would be:

    Optimise database and delete revisions
    Limit Login Attempts


  1. It actually IS pretty cool … you get like a ‘self-hosted’ WordPress for free. There are others … I’ve tried one, doubted that they’d stay around, but amazingly enough, they’re still there [a year+ later].

    Think I have to try this — if for nothing else, so for fun.

    Can you install JetPack and connect to

    • I am not sure what you can and cannot install. I installed ‘Limit Login Attempts’ and ‘Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions’ without any problems. They are what I pretty much add to every install.

  2. Perhaps I should disable JetPack and see if that makes any difference. Never considered that before … it’s one of these things I _always_ install.

    • I didn’t wait long enough to see whether I got an email notification of your comment, but let’s see whether I get a popup notification when I post this reply.

  3. Even though I do CTRL + R, I still can’t see my comment/your reply. It wasn’t JetPack. Do you get the box about non-secure form?

    • And I didn’t get an email notification of your comment. I don’t get anything about a non-secure form. Can you take a screen grab – maybe put in Cloudup?

  4. NOW, I can finally see all the comments here. Only saw first two for the longest time.

    So far, I haven’t received ANY email notification.

    The weird part is, I only get the pop-up when I comment from the actual form in the blog — not from the orange bubble in the bar. Will try and take a screen shot next time.

    • That looks similar to the notification I get when I log in to this site with 1Password. It tells me the page is not secured because it is not under HTTPS – unlike the main ThisIsTap page, which is. I would have thought that with the free SSL certs available now that it would be possible to have all the subdomains under HTTPS.

      I wonder whether the paid-for, $5/month is under SSL or whether that is an add-on?

      • Beginning to think this pop-up has nothing to do with ThisISTap at all. I’m getting it in my regular site too [where I also use Make theme] … but only when I type the comments in the box [as opposed to from the notification bar].

        • I wonder why Safari thinks you are completing a form – in which you might be submitting sensitive information – rather than adding a comment?

          What happens if you use a different browser, say Chrome?

    • Strange.

      I have this machine (MacBook Pro) and a MacBook Air, which I use when traveling. I got a notification from Gmail that it didn’t want to allow Gmail in the Apple Mail app because it was an insecure app. If I wanted to continue to access mail there I would have to go into Gmail in the browser and tell Gmail to allow it. Go figure.

  5. Is there any way of deleting revisions in WordPress dot com? Would they affect you allotted quota in any way, do you think?

    • I too have wondered about deleting revisions, and I don’t think it’s possible.

      Something to ask Support?

      We can delete images, of course – so it’s only the text that is saved and the file size will be just a few KB.

      • Right … it can’t be all that much! The images I’ve used in the final post anyway so …

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