Better Notes

Better Notes for iOS is a notes app that ties notes together with #hashtags. It syncs between iOS devices with iCloud and there is a Mac web versions ‘in the works’.

The author, Chris Ladd, says:

I built Better Notes because I was frustrated with how complicated all the existing solutions were. Evernote is too complicated, the stock Notes app is too stripped down. Most notes apps are set up for “documents,” which are for other people. Notes are for yourself.

Better Notes should already be syncing your notes between devices, as long as you’re signed in to iCloud. It’s kind of a soft launch now—once there’s a Mac/Web version, that sync will be a lot more important.

You can type #hashtags into your notes and the #hashtags link all the tagged notes together. Then if you want to see all the notes tagged with a particular #hashtag, tap on any of them to see them all.

Phone numbers, email addresses, or links in your notes are live, so you can tap on those to call, email, or go to the web.

A dash and then a space makes a list—you can tap the dash later to cross things off.

You can attach #photos of things you’d like to remember. Tap the little photos to see them bigger. Swipe down on big photos to make them smaller.

3 Replies to “Better Notes”

  1. Yes. I might actually like this app. As he says, EverNote is too complicated and Notes too stripped down.

    Ideally, one would be able to import one’s notes to this new. I’m tired of having them spread out.


    1. I wrote a more extensive piece on PhotographWorks – comparing various apps. The centrepiece for me is Ulysses. It syncs everywhere and it has become the repository of everything ‘longer’ – including the sales letter I have written and re-written a gazillion times.

      But not everything is as grand as a ‘first novel’ and a simpler note-taking app fills that gap.

      Where are your notes spread out? Some apps allow export as simple text.


      1. DayOne, EverNote and SimpleNote.

        I think I’ll let go of it all … start over. I once made a mistake when I tried to import EverNote to DayOne, resulting in hundreds of duplicates in DayOne.

        BetterNotes, I use almost daily now, for grocery shopping and the likes 🙂


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