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I use Ulysses for note taking. It syncs across all devices and it has replaced everything I have used before, including nvALT, SimpleNote, Evernote – and those are just the ones I can think of.

It’s not cheap. It’s great though. But if you want to try something else – there is Bear, which I found on Product Hunt. It is still being developed, so if you want to sync to iOS you have to sign up to use the developer version.

I haven’t used it, so it may not be as good as it looks. But it got a big score on Product Hunt, so I am guessing it is good. If I did not have Ulysses, I would definitely try it. As it is, I dare not try it.

That’s because I have a habit of spreading my note taking across multiple apps. Sometimes you could find me staring intently into space trying to remember where else the note could be besides all the places I had already looked.

I cleaned everything out and put it into Ulysses. Well, that and Apple Notes – I have some things there. I am not going to stop using that, but I have a mental division of labour between what I put in which app.

Oh yes, there’s stickies. I use them for a few things.


On my iPhone I use Drafts for temporary notes – it is great. Write a draft of something – it could be an email or a blog post or just somewhere to copy and paste text or a URL or a snippet from a website into it. And from there you have multiple options to export what you have written.

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  1. I’ve signed up for the Beta version of Bear. We’ll see when I get the invitation.
    It looks good.

    I got rid of EverNote. I’ve used SimpleNote and Apple Notes, but I need to go through stuff I’ve also saved to DayOne. Perhaps this Bear can replace them all.

    Looked into Ulysses long time ago. There was something, more than the price, that held me back. Can’t remember now what it was. Since I got the fountain pen, I’ve withdrawn a little to an analogue world 🙂


    1. I bought Ulsysses on a recommendation. I thought I would write blog posts there and export them, but Ulysses doesn’t export directly to WordPress – although it will in version 2.6

      I stopped using Scrivener – not that there is anything wrong with it – and now I use Ulysses for longer stories as well. These stories are the ones that I will publish in the year 2099, at current reckoning.

      I have DayOne for iPhone but I don’t like the fact the DayOne syncs via its own cloud, so I never got the desktop version and I use Momento on my phone. I wish Momento had a desktop version that would sync via iCloud, but it doesn’t have a desktop version at all.

      What was the diary app you mentioned a little while ago?


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