What Exactly Is Fake in Digital

I was thinking about Po.et – Jarrod Dicker’s project for an open-source blockchain Ledger to classify, identify, and monitor content throughout its entire life cycle.

If every mined coin could have a source stamped into it to distinguish authentic from shady, then maybe digital currency has a future.

Otherwise, the core problem with digital – that the original and the copy are indistinguishable – marks the end of cryptocurrencies.


My One And Only Strip Cartoon


I made this with Bitstrips in 2009 and I am so proud of it. A play within a play – a joke within a joke.


Susan B Anthony

In 1872, Susan B Anthony was convicted and fined for attempting to vote in her hometown of Rochester, New York.

Six years later, in 1878, Anthony and her colleague Elizabeth Cady Stanton had an amendment put before Congress giving women the right to vote.

It became the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920.