Sarkozy, Gaddafi, and Passive Corruption

EuroNews reports today that PARIS (Reuters) – Judges in France placed former French president Nicolas Sarkozy under formal investigation on Wednesday over allegations of illegal campaign financing, a judicial source said. Sarkozy was released from under judicial supervision after two days of questioning over allegations that his 2007 election campaign received funding from the lateContinue reading “Sarkozy, Gaddafi, and Passive Corruption”

What Exactly Is Fake in Digital

I was thinking about – Jarrod Dicker’s project for an open-source blockchain Ledger to classify, identify, and monitor content throughout its entire life cycle. If every mined coin could have a source stamped into it to distinguish authentic from shady, then maybe digital currency has a future. Otherwise, the core problem with digital –Continue reading “What Exactly Is Fake in Digital”