Ulysses Now Supports Posting To WordPress

Ulysses Version 2.6 has arrived and now it can post to WordPress. I don’t know why I wanted this feature so much. I have MarsEdit from Red Sweater Software – had it for years – and it posts to WordPress and other platforms. I rarely use MarsEdit now. I just open the blog and start typing.

So why did I want to be able to do it with Ulysses?

I think it had to do with the fact that I was using Ulysses ad hoc. Write something – leave it to fester or mature and then go back and develop it a bit more.

Now Ulysses has become the repository for long-term notes and stories. So I don’t particularly want to clog it up with more and more transient stuff.

That said, it would be easy to set up a group of sheets (folder of notes) under the title Blog Post Drafts or something.

There is one feature that I might use. Because Ulysses syncs across devices, I can start a post on my Mac, leave the house and continue with the post and publish it from my iPhone. I can see myself using that.

Actually, I can see myself writing posts in Ulysses on my phone when I am travelling and better than using the WordPress app on my phone.

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