This is the Google logo that was, of course, with all the tilts and stuff that took up space and made the image size bigger than the new version.

A few bytes makes next to no difference when the image is served up once. But when it is served up by Google a billion times, the extra file size adds up.

It wasn’t until I saw the article in BAM magazine and saw the slideshow in WIRED magazine that I noticed how the letters are tipped over to the left in Google – at least in the older version.


3 thoughts on “Tilted Google

  1. I never noticed that while it was around! Now it’s the final ‘e’ that’s a little … slanted.

    1. Haha, and I didn’t notice the tilt on the final e of the new design until you pointed it out.

      1. ​I hardly EVER notice these things … wouldn’t have seen the arrow in FedEx, had I not been told about it 🙂

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