There Are In Cambridge

There are, according to the taxi driver we spoke to a few days ago, 120,000 normal (as in, not students at the university) residents and about 50,000 students living in Cambridge.

There are more cars than can comfortably use the roads: Ask any local motorist what they think of the traffic into and out of Cambridge.

We have just moved here and I find myself repeatedly writing Cambrdige and swapping the d and the i when I write Cambridge. I wonder why?

I have only had this problem with one other name and that is with Jerusalem. When I type quickly, I find that I write Jeruslaem. I wonder why?


  1. The name of my hometown is Härnösand. For twelve years I worked at a company called Härnösands Grafit. Thousands of times I found myself typing Härnösnads Graift. I wonder why.

    • DB

      August 19, 2017 at 12:48 pm

      Maybe it is what I do sometimes when I am typing fast. I mean to write a short word and I write a similar longer word. The two words may only share a couple of letters at the beginning but my fingers have a mind of their own and just keep on typing.

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