Running WooCommerce On ThisIsTap

I said that I am testing how stable ThisIsTap is.

If it pans out then I will set up a paid option site with my own domain and run WooCommerce on it.

ThisIsTap offers a free SSL certificate, which is a necessity for running a shop selling things. I’ll use Stripe for payments, with a Paypal option and guest checkout.

The one thing that ThisIsTap doesn’t offer is email. So I would have to set that up with the domain using Google Apps for Business. That’s $5.00/month per email address. I only need one main address and some aliases. Aliases don’t cost anything extra.

ThisIsTap is $5.00/month for a custom domain with SFTP access, 10GB of local storage, unmetered bandwidth, and a free private SSL.

SFTP access means I can increase the memory limit in the config file which WooCommerce needs so it doesn’t choke.

So that would make the cost of running the site plus email within WooCommerce just $10.00/month which is a cheap option for a decently-fast ecommerce site.

2 thoughts on “Running WooCommerce On ThisIsTap

  1. Do you really _need_ to set up the email with Google Apps?! There’s free Zoho Mail for that to consider …

    1. Good point. I looked at Zoho along with a couple of others and then forgot about it.

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