Postmatic Course

Because I am running Postmatic commenting on this blog, I got an email from Jason Lemieux of Postmatic today offering a five-day course on:

Day 1: Plugins for laying a solid engagement foundation
Day 2: Your content delivery strategy
Day 3: Building your list and growing your community
Day 4: Sending posts with Postmatic
Day 5: Keeping the conversation going

Day 1 arrived straight away and it suggests some extra plugins to enhance Postmatic. Just reading it sapped my will to live. Am I going to install Epoch and Elevated Comments and Oneall Social Login? It kind of depends on whether anyone is out there in the first place. After all, this blog is an experiment on running a site on ThisIsTap.

Still, installing a plugin isn’t a big deal so I may give it a go.

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    1. And I see a problem in commenters not getting back to see the site – ever. They don’t need to so they won’t.

      I am not sure that Postmatic has overcome that.

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