I added Postmatic to this site. I also added Jetpack and activated Akismet.

Everything looks OK except that from a different browser where I am not logged in I can only see the Postmatic widget in the sidebar for individual posts and not for the homepage of the site.

Just tested again, maybe ten minutes later, and the widget is now showing in the sidebar. I wonder what is causing the delay? Is it a caching system that ThisIsTap is using?

Slightly annoying because of the time it takes to check and re-check when I make changes.

That said, it doesn’t matter for a test sub-domain. But what if I decide to pay to run a domain?

11 thoughts on “Postmatic Added

  1. I just subscribed to Postmatic. The widget is visible both on the index page and here, in the post.

    Several years ago, there used to be a service called Postling. It was somewhat similar to PostMatic, but more. You could post and reply to several blogs and social media too, I think. They eventually got bought by some other company and vanished. It was good while it lasted. I remember I liked the interface there [you could get one account for free].

    1. Thank you for subscribing and for telling me about the widgets. 🙂

      I just googled for Postling and there seems to be something that is an extension in the Chrome web store. Do you use Chrome, much?

      1. This Postling I remember … it was long time ago, Think I found it in FriendFeed. Chrome hadn’t really taken off back then. Since I got the Mac I use Safari.

        No, Postling was a page where you went in and did all the stuff in one place. Could have been an extension later on that I missed, but they’re gone anyway.

        1. Me too. I use Safari.

  2. What if a commenter choose NOT to subscribe to PostMatic?! Will their comments still appear in your email? Will you be notified by WordPress the regular way?

    I kind of like it, because I’m an email person, and I’ll test it on my tassitly tap page first.

    Do you feel comfortable with this system?

    1. That’s a good question. Something to ask Postmatic. I like being able to comment from email but it defeats the object if I would have to go in to the site to reply to someone who had not subscribed via Postmatic.

      1. That’s one of the things I have to find out before considering putting it on my ordinary blog. I know many of the people there wouldn’t sign up … 

        1. I am answering on my phone and the weird thing is that You are replying to my comment, but when I look at the site I can only see five comments.

          I think the delay is a problem with ThisIsTap – but the only way to check is to see whether there is a delay next time I post on NoMorePencils.

          1. I see them all … 8. [well it will be 9 now]

            This comment is from the website

        2. Haha – I just checked again and all the comments are showing

          1. Yes, and I replied to previous from the actual website, _without_ ticking the box about participating via email. We’ll see how that goes … 

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