No Room In The Apartment

I heard a story from a rabbi on the subject of space.

It’s just a story about another rabbi.

So this other rabbi is talking to one of his congregation (let’s call him Harry).

Harry complains that his apartment is so small and there are just too many people living there, what with the grown-up children still at home.

It was OK when the kids were small, but now he wishes the kids would move out, but they can’t afford to. And there is no room in the apartment and it is driving him crazy.

So he asks the rabbi for advice and the rabbi thinks and then he asks whether it is true what he heard – that Harry’s cousin is coming to town for a visit.

“Yes,” says Harry, his cousin is coming to town.

So the rabbi asks Harry to ask his cousin to come stay in the flat for the two weeks he is in town.

“What! Are you crazy?” asks Harry – but the rabbi said it, so he does it.

A month later the rabbi bumps into Harry and asks how he is.

“Oh everything is great, since my cousin went back there is so much room in the apartment.”

2 thoughts on “No Room In The Apartment

  1. Hehe! I heard this exact same story, many years ago, with the only difference it wasn’t a cousin — the rabbi told him to bring the goat into the apartment 😊

    1. What do you know! I guess goat would be less expensive to feed. 🙂

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