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GoDaddy submitted the Primer theme to the WordPress repository, and I am using it now. It’s got options to change colours and to use Google fonts. I think it looks clean.

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      1. No, I meant the whole theme thing … or rather, I’ve felt a little “blogged out”. That’s alright, but at the same time, I missed this part about self-hosted, where you can edit and mess around a little. It’s fun, at times. Now I’ve set one up here again.

    1. I am going to raise a ticket with ThisIsTap because when I went to the site just now, your name and email address were in the comment box and even when I looked on another browser they were showing. That shouldn’t happen.

        1. Yes, I thought that too. I raised a ticket with ThisIsTap and they escalated it up to an engineer – so we’ll see. I think it might be something to do with the way their new caching works. The reason I say that is that I drafted a post and then changed to this theme. When I was logged in I could see the new theme but not otherwise. I asked and Support said that for non-pro users the cache clears every 15 minutes. So I waited and it cleared. But the draft post was gone…

          So I extrapolated from that (maybe incorrectly) that the name and email address problem is part of the same caching issue.

          Meanwhile – I get entirely that you might be a bit blogged out – (nice expression) – and I picked up on that from your writing – or not writing.

          What’s the new site?

  1. Me again 🙂. I like this theme … a lot! But have you tried to position a header image here? The one that’s provided is totally fine, but I tried one of my own …

    1. I see what you mean. Not very good.

      I tried it just now. I got something to show by keeping the desired part of the image to the bottom quarter or so of the space – otherwise as you have found out – it is hidden above the top of the site.

      I see that the provided image is the same in that there is a lot more of the image than actually shows up as a header.

      I don’t like it though – it’s pretty useless because the image is overlaid with the blue colour, which makes the image look subdued and restricts what will fit aesthetically.

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