Several years ago I bought a lifetime subscription to a bookmarking service named Pinboard that has since moved to an annual subscription. Whether lifetime or annual, it doesn’t offer a service of being able to read the bookmarks in a comfortable, readable way – like for example, a service like Feedly does.

On a different but related tack, and as you may know, Instapaper has become a free service. And with a ‘Save to Instapaper’ bookmarklet in my browser, I can save with one click.

As a side note, one neat thing you can do with bookmarks saved to Instapaper is to have them copied automatically to Pinboard. As to why one should want to do it – well with a paid service like Pinboard, the chances of it disappearing on me are less likely. Not so with Instapaper. As a free service it could just end, on the principle that what is free can be taken away. Hopefully not, though.

Along came ReadKit for Mac. I bought it from the AppStore ($9.99) and now I can read the content of my Pinboard and Instapaper bookmarks in a beautifully set out desktop app that has made bookmarking worth doing in the first place.

There Are In Cambridge

There are, according to the taxi driver we spoke to a few days ago, 120,000 normal (as in, not students at the university) residents and about 50,000 students living in Cambridge.

There are more cars than can comfortably use the roads: Ask any local motorist what they think of the traffic into and out of Cambridge.

We have just moved here and I find myself repeatedly writing Cambrdige and swapping the d and the i when I write Cambridge. I wonder why?

I have only had this problem with one other name and that is with Jerusalem. When I type quickly, I find that I write Jeruslaem. I wonder why?

I Started A Ghost Blog

I started a Ghost blog as an experiment because I wanted to see what I thought of being able to see the front-end finished page as I wrote. I didn’t expect much, but I find to my surprise that I like it a lot.

I could have started the blog on Ghost’s own servers, but the cost is quite high ($19/month) for the cheapest option blog that is half serious and half an experiment.

Running a site on Ghost’s servers gets you one site, 25,000 page-views per month, unlimited transfer and storage, Automatic updates and backups, Upload any theme or app, Worldwide CDN & security protection, and SSL Support.

So if you have a high-traffic site that is built around text, then it might be a solution for someone.

There are other ways to get a site up and running. You can download the source code and run it on a VPN. It is unlikely you could run it on most shared servers because of the way Ghost is built.

If I had the skills and energy to do it, I could start one on Digital Ocean for a very small monthly cost. But in the end I took the easy and cheap option – £29.00/year for a blog on TSOHost.

Here’s the link: Marginal Seat and here is a link to the About page where I talk about the experience of writing with Ghost.

Back-end and Front-end Developers

In an up-voted answer on Quora about web site developers, the commenter said:

I prefer ‘back-end developer’ to indicate how good someone is at understanding architecture, performance, databases, and security.

And I prefer ‘front-end developer’ to indicate to what degree someone thinks about human-computer interaction, responsiveness, UI optimization and reusability, browsers, responsiveness, and accessibility.

No Room In The Apartment

I heard a story from a rabbi on the subject of space.

It’s just a story about another rabbi.

So this other rabbi is talking to one of his congregation (let’s call him Harry).

Harry complains that his apartment is so small and there are just too many people living there, what with the grown-up children still at home.

It was OK when the kids were small, but now he wishes the kids would move out, but they can’t afford to. And there is no room in the apartment and it is driving him crazy.

So he asks the rabbi for advice and the rabbi thinks and then he asks whether it is true what he heard – that Harry’s cousin is coming to town for a visit.

“Yes,” says Harry, his cousin is coming to town.

So the rabbi asks Harry to ask his cousin to come stay in the flat for the two weeks he is in town.

“What! Are you crazy?” asks Harry – but the rabbi said it, so he does it.

A month later the rabbi bumps into Harry and asks how he is.

“Oh everything is great, since my cousin went back there is so much room in the apartment.”

Running WooCommerce On ThisIsTap

I said that I am testing how stable ThisIsTap is.

If it pans out then I will set up a paid option site with my own domain and run WooCommerce on it.

ThisIsTap offers a free SSL certificate, which is a necessity for running a shop selling things. I’ll use Stripe for payments, with a Paypal option and guest checkout.

The one thing that ThisIsTap doesn’t offer is email. So I would have to set that up with the domain using Google Apps for Business. That’s $5.00/month per email address. I only need one main address and some aliases. Aliases don’t cost anything extra.

ThisIsTap is $5.00/month for a custom domain with SFTP access, 10GB of local storage, unmetered bandwidth, and a free private SSL.

SFTP access means I can increase the memory limit in the config file which WooCommerce needs so it doesn’t choke.

So that would make the cost of running the site plus email within WooCommerce just $10.00/month which is a cheap option for a decently-fast ecommerce site.

Postmatic Course

Because I am running Postmatic commenting on this blog, I got an email from Jason Lemieux of Postmatic today offering a five-day course on:

Day 1: Plugins for laying a solid engagement foundation
Day 2: Your content delivery strategy
Day 3: Building your list and growing your community
Day 4: Sending posts with Postmatic
Day 5: Keeping the conversation going

Day 1 arrived straight away and it suggests some extra plugins to enhance Postmatic. Just reading it sapped my will to live. Am I going to install Epoch and Elevated Comments and Oneall Social Login? It kind of depends on whether anyone is out there in the first place. After all, this blog is an experiment on running a site on ThisIsTap.

Still, installing a plugin isn’t a big deal so I may give it a go.

New Theme – Independent Publisher

I changed the theme for this blog to Independent Publisher. It’s available from the WordPress repository and it also has its own site that demonstrates the look of the theme and includes a blog.

I started reading and that led me to an article about Nepal by the author of the theme.

From there I followed the link to the charity that finances the building of schools there. And that led me to the note about the 2015 earthquake and how the schools were destroyed.

It must be heartbreaking to put your effort into a project for the benefit of others and then see it destroyed.

It must take strength to go on and rebuild.

Sensitive Skin

Neat title and nicely played. I recognise Kim Cattrall from Sex In The City. She’s gutsy playing against glamour. I see it is a Canadian Series. And it’s from a British series originally.

Is it more easily translatable because it is Canadian rather than American?

What is her husban’s accent? He sound foreign. Is that his real accent or just for the part? He’s good too – steering well and avoiding being unreal.

There was a good bit of slapstick in the scene with the uncomfortable chair she bought.