What To Do Next

It will be a Tuesday: When that will be I cannot say.

Or it might be a Thursday.

It will be an ordinary day until 11am. Then he (or she) will be unable to sit at his (or her) desk and will find himself or herself walking towards the open air.

When he (or she) gets to the street he (or she) will be surprised to find lots of people standing in the street, on the pavements, in the road, looking like he (or she) is looking – at the buildings and then at each other.

He (or she) knew he could not continue with things the way they were. Now he (or she) wonders whether there is anyone who has a clue as to what to do next.

He (or she) is trembling and happy. Today is different.

The Davis Theme

Anders Norén has released his minimalist Davis theme. It is now in the WordPress repository and I am now using it on this web site.

Anders had a mock-up of the theme on his site as far back as June of this year and I have been back to his site once or twice to see whether he had finally released it, and now he has.

No widget area and not much of anything other than a place to write text. As far as I can see it does not display italics. I found that out when I italicised Davis. Italics didn’t show up so I changed to bold text. And that works, as you can see.

If italics worked then then the rest of this sentence should appear in italics.

I just checked again in Safari and Firefox and it doesn’t appear as italics in either.

Let’s see how quotes are handled:

Now is the time for all good men to seek a readjustment of the market.

Also, I have deleted Postmatic, so no more comment notifications by email. I had better figure out an alternative.

New Theme

GoDaddy submitted the Primer theme to the WordPress repository, and I am using it now. It’s got options to change colours and to use Google fonts. I think it looks clean.

Ulysses Now Supports Posting To WordPress

Ulysses Version 2.6 has arrived and now it can post to WordPress. I don’t know why I wanted this feature so much. I have MarsEdit from Red Sweater Software – had it for years – and it posts to WordPress and other platforms. I rarely use MarsEdit now. I just open the blog and start typing.

So why did I want to be able to do it with Ulysses?

I think it had to do with the fact that I was using Ulysses ad hoc. Write something – leave it to fester or mature and then go back and develop it a bit more.

Now Ulysses has become the repository for long-term notes and stories. So I don’t particularly want to clog it up with more and more transient stuff.

That said, it would be easy to set up a group of sheets (folder of notes) under the title Blog Post Drafts or something.

There is one feature that I might use. Because Ulysses syncs across devices, I can start a post on my Mac, leave the house and continue with the post and publish it from my iPhone. I can see myself using that.

Actually, I can see myself writing posts in Ulysses on my phone when I am travelling and better than using the WordPress app on my phone.

Better Notes

Better Notes for iOS is a notes app that ties notes together with #hashtags. It syncs between iOS devices with iCloud and there is a Mac web versions ‘in the works’.

The author, Chris Ladd, says:

I built Better Notes because I was frustrated with how complicated all the existing solutions were. Evernote is too complicated, the stock Notes app is too stripped down. Most notes apps are set up for “documents,” which are for other people. Notes are for yourself.

Better Notes should already be syncing your notes between devices, as long as you’re signed in to iCloud. It’s kind of a soft launch now—once there’s a Mac/Web version, that sync will be a lot more important.

You can type #hashtags into your notes and the #hashtags link all the tagged notes together. Then if you want to see all the notes tagged with a particular #hashtag, tap on any of them to see them all.

Phone numbers, email addresses, or links in your notes are live, so you can tap on those to call, email, or go to the web.

A dash and then a space makes a list—you can tap the dash later to cross things off.

You can attach #photos of things you’d like to remember. Tap the little photos to see them bigger. Swipe down on big photos to make them smaller.

Bear Note-Taking App

I use Ulysses for note taking. It syncs across all devices and it has replaced everything I have used before, including nvALT, SimpleNote, Evernote – and those are just the ones I can think of.

It’s not cheap. It’s great though. But if you want to try something else – there is Bear, which I found on Product Hunt. It is still being developed, so if you want to sync to iOS you have to sign up to use the developer version.

I haven’t used it, so it may not be as good as it looks. But it got a big score on Product Hunt, so I am guessing it is good. If I did not have Ulysses, I would definitely try it. As it is, I dare not try it.

That’s because I have a habit of spreading my note taking across multiple apps. Sometimes you could find me staring intently into space trying to remember where else the note could be besides all the places I had already looked.

I cleaned everything out and put it into Ulysses. Well, that and Apple Notes – I have some things there. I am not going to stop using that, but I have a mental division of labour between what I put in which app.

Oh yes, there’s stickies. I use them for a few things.


On my iPhone I use Drafts for temporary notes – it is great. Write a draft of something – it could be an email or a blog post or just somewhere to copy and paste text or a URL or a snippet from a website into it. And from there you have multiple options to export what you have written.

Product Hunt

I signed up to Product Hunt to, as it says, ‘Find your next favourite thing…’

A word of warning – it’s addictive. Weighing up the value of just one of the apps can suck time like a vacuum cleaner.

Here’s a simple tool: Type Anything. It’s a browser-based tool that enables you to create font combinations – font families, letter spacing, and font weights. Once you have designed the text to your liking, there is a button to grab and copy the code into your own site.

Tilted Google

This is the Google logo that was, of course, with all the tilts and stuff that took up space and made the image size bigger than the new version.

A few bytes makes next to no difference when the image is served up once. But when it is served up by Google a billion times, the extra file size adds up.

It wasn’t until I saw the article in BAM magazine and saw the slideshow in WIRED magazine that I noticed how the letters are tipped over to the left in Google – at least in the older version.


Klimt Exhibition 2008

These are exhibits from an exhibition Tamara and I went to in 2008. I recall going but I don’t recall where it was.

I don’t recall the date, but these images were in the Uploads folder of another of my sites and they were in a folder from July 2008, so that must be when we saw the exhibition.

I recall that Klimt was the lynchpin in a group of artists who had a mission to work in all mediums and break boundaries. I remember thinking that the furniture didn’t look like a ‘boundary breaker’.

I also remember being impressed by the portrait, and I still am.

I only knew Klimt from paintings like The Kiss. And while it was good, the technique in the portrait is technically that much more sophisticated. Which is not to say it is more artistic – that’s another story.